Nov 30, 2007

Friday Funny: Marketing Comics

"This cracked me up!"

My friend just sent me this link Marketing Comics and it cracked me up. As an Internet Marketing business owner, you may feel like nobody outside your online buddies understand exactly what you do all day at home. And, sometimes you feel a bit like an alien trying to tell people stories about your day-to-day life.

Well, Jimmy D. Brown hit a home run. He's created 15 comics about what it's like to be an Internet Marketer. Some will make you laugh out loud and some will make you groan, but all are worth taking a minute to peek at.

Totally free and totally funny.

Check them out here:

Cover your keyboard... You're gonna spray coffee out your nose if you click here!

Marketing Comics Crack Me Up!

1 comment:

Rayven said...

I like the lemonade stand one the best! That sounds like something I would think of doing. LOL.