May 1, 2006

Out of shape Moomy!

The Saturday before last was Zach's day. We hired a sitter for the baby and we took Zach for some good outdoor kid fun, which does not happen as often as it should!

First we went to Mini Golf America and played 2 rounds of putt putt golf. The course was very pretty with its numerous plants & flowers. We got a kick out of watching the turtles in the pond right smack dab in the middle of the course too.

Our second stop of the day was yet another putt putt course. This time it was Pirate's Cove, which is tailored more for children in my opinion. They have 2 courses: The Captain's Course and Blackbeards's Course. They have plaques at each hole that tell the story of Blackbeard the pirate. Kinda nifty! I enjoyed the story even if the other two were more concerned about kicking putt putt butt! Leave it to me to be the first to hit my ball into the water. Don't ask how I managed it, but somehow my ball ended up going under the netting and into the lagoon! Luckily Jerry was able to fish it out at the edge. I just thank goodness it wasn't the pond that the HUGE catfish were in on the next course we played. LOL Zach had a ball! After 36 holes with the pirates, we then decided it was lunch time!

Zach got to pick anywhere he wanted and he chose IHOP! Oh that boy has taste I tell ya...that or he can read his mother's mind cause I was craving some pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, corned beef hash and hashbrowns! YUMMY YUMMY! I would not however recommend the deep fried cheesecake. Even Jerry didn't like it and he loves cheesecake. He just picked the bananas off...LOL

Now that our bellies were full we had to work some of that food (ok so "I" had to work off all that food I ate). We drove over to the driving range/batting cages. Now, I've only been to a driving range one time in my life and I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! Nothing has changed.

We all got a big bucket of golf balls and Jerry and Zach were hitting them like crazy, in between laughing at me for not even making contact with the ball! :) I ended up giving them like 3/4 of my balls because they were done hitting and I knew we would never make it to the batting cages at the rate I was going! Not to mention I was making a complete fool of myself...but having a blast doing so might I add. You would think that if I was out of shape I would have felt it by now right? WRONG!

Next stop: the batting cages. I was a little concerned because, whether he wants to admit it or not, Zachary has a bit of a fear of flying balls. I really thought that he would be overwhelmed and not hit a single ball and get frustrated and decide he wanted to go. I was wrong...I love it when I'm wrong about things like this! He didn't go to the baseball cages, but stayed in the slow pitch softball ones and did very well. I had to show him how to stand once and that was all she wrote.
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Jerry and I had to practically beg him to come out so that we could have turns! Needless to say we all had a blast and Zach didn't want to leave when the time came to go! He wanted to come back on Sunday and use his own money to hit! Yes, he got his way and we were back on Sunday afternoon! This time he went into the 40 mph baseball cage and actually swung better than in the slow pitch cage the day before! GO ZACH GO ZACH...YOU DA MAN YOU DA MAN!

We headed home and I was still not feeling the pain, did I say pain? I meant rewards ;), of the excercise at this point. It didn't take long after we got home for the muscles to start achin'. I think we had been home for about an hour and I felt the burn baby!! I was so sore I could hardly get up...I haven't felt like that since those 2 a day volleyball practices in high school. That right there told me that I was WAAAYYY out of shape and I need to have more of those outdoor kiddo days!

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