Jun 23, 2006

2 Work at Home Resources

I know a lot of you reading this would like to work at home. A few of you I have talked to personally about this on many occasions. So today I wanted to give you a couple things to help you get a better idea of what all it entails and how to get started.

The first one is a website (Telecommuting Moms) that has tons (I mean tons too) of resources available to help you get started, a forum that posts leads to work at home jobs, a weekly newsletter with tips and exclusive leads, and lots more information. I am a moderator at the forum and have written a few columns for the website. I will also be doing some things for the Telecommuting Moms Month in September.

The owner of the website, Nell Taliercio, is a personal friend of mine and is very successful as a WAHM (work at home mom). I searched for years for something to do from home and it wasn't until a little over a year ago I came across her site, Mommysplace.net, that I found that there really was a way to make a living while staying home with my family. That's where I learned about becoming a Virtual Assistant and thanks to that site and all the wonderful people there that I got my start. (More about what I actually do coming in a later post.)

Head on over to www.TelecommutingMoms.com and check out all the awesome information that Nell has put together. Hope to see you at the forum as well. You could be working at home before you know it.

The second resource I have for you is a free (you only pay $4.95 for shipping costs) book, called I LOVE MY LIFE: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home.

The book was written by a fellow Mom Masterminds member, Kristie T. This is an actual book (not an ebook) that Kristie has written and had published. She is on a mission to get 10,000 copies of this book into the hands of those who want to work at home and she's well on her way.

I received my copy of the book in the mail 2 days ago and I am just amazed already and I haven't read but 2 chapters so far. Once I get it finished I plan to do a review of it, but I know already that it's a wonderful book and will rank high on my list of must have resources for those who are looking to work from home.

Check it by clicking on this link: http://www.kristiet.com/lovelife/10000books-partners.htm

As always, I love helping others who want to work at home and if I come across any other great resources I will be sure to post them here! Good Luck to you!


Nell said...

Thanks for recommending my site! I am very glad to have you a part of the message board too :)

Arika said...

You are welcome hun & thank you!