Jun 13, 2006

Frustrated (I NEED to vent)

That was me! Last night I actually got time to work on my website without any interruptions (which NEVER happens ;) and went to the Mastermind site that I am a member of all excited and ready to work. Someone had other plans I guess.

When I got there I couldn't get to anything because some idiot, yes you read that right, I said I-D-I-O-T (what I really want to say is ass), decided to hack into the database at the forum! I have one thing and only one thing to say to hackers: GET A LIFE and quit messing with other peoples!

The problem has been fixed and now they are trying to recover things from yesterday so I still can't access the site, but atleast I know that our wonderful ladies are working to help us out. Thanks Lynette, Alice, and Kelly. You gals are wonderful.

I guess I'll go do other things for now and hopefully I'll get the chance to work again tonight.

Update: It's 9:24 am and I go to my blog to vent and I can’t even do that because now Blogger is having issues! What? I don’t know because it doesn’t tell me but I can’t post or save a draft or anything of this post! UUUUUGGGGHHHHH!

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