Aug 6, 2006

Lovin' Every Minute of It!

Working at home again! This time is soooo different though.

Long story short...I quit my job outside of the home due to the fact that the person who hired me took office gossip to a whole new level. Insulting my hubby & his family is NOT even close to cool in my book! Morals will outweight money any day with this one!

My first day home I got a job offer for a court researcher position. The job was definitely something I would love to do, but unfortunately the pay did not constitute using our one vehicle that is barely still running for the work. I needed a job, but it didn't provide enough work to make it a good business decision, so I had to decline.

On that same day I received 2 virtual assistant projects! YAYYYY! :)
One was for an article and the other was to create emails for a mailing list of a well known internet marketer. Then,yesterday morning I paid a visit to a forum that I frequent and had a PM (private message) requesting my services for yet another project.

Add it up folks...that's 3 clients in less than a week! Do you have any idea how exciting this news is...really, do you? ;)

All of these combined do not replace the money I was making, but I know that time is coming and soon...I can feel it! You know what i have to say about it: BRING IT ON! I LOVE IT. There are no amount of exclamation points or smilies in the world that can show you just how happy I am right now.


Anonymous said...

I know you can do it girl! You go Arika!

Love you

Arika said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Hope all is well with you and your new hubby and the kiddos!

Nell said...

Hey that is great news Arika and I'm sure it'll only get better!

Arika said...

Thanks Nell, you played a big part in my butt kickin' to get things going.

btw...the website is coming I promise! ;)