Sep 24, 2006

A call out to my Momma!

Alright Momma, I know you read this blog all the time so how come you never comment?

I'm going to see how long it takes you to see this and comment. If you don't do it soon, I'll post a picture of you on here for the whole world to see the Mom who doesn't post to her daughter's blog! Hehehe! ;)

Love you & Miss You Bunches!


Petite Mom Blogger said...

My mom used to read mine I think and she may still do but sometimes I wish people I knew did not read my blog. It seems though that I'm getting more and more people that know me to my blog. Yikes!

Arika said...

Oh my goodness...Mom posted a comment! Thank you Mom. mmmwwwaaa ((HUGS)) :)

In case you wondered, she posted at this post:

Amanda-There are times I want to post things that I don't want others to read! LOL I refrain, I like peace more. Who knows maybe I'll get brave and start a new blog just for those posts. hehehe

Mom said...

Arika I read this blog at least once a week. It keeps me connected to my little girl and all she is doing in her life. I just want you to know how proud of you I am. You bring a smile to my heart everyday. I love you!!!


PS No pics please unless there's a glamour shot somewhere I don't konw about LOL