Oct 1, 2006

Internet "Geek" in the making!

This pic is just for my Mom. She bought Hunter the bib right after he was born, but he didn't wear it much because it's a tie in the back one and those and his hair didn't get along much. Instead, it's now one of his favorite toys. He carries it around and brings it to us when he wants us to put it on him. (Don't mind the date on the pic...lol I had to put new batteries in the camera in order to get the picture before he took the bib off)
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Mom said...

Thanks for the pic kiddo. He is so cute. Gram Gram Crackers lil internet Cornbread. Love ya all.

Arika said...

You're welcome Mom. We love you too! ;)

Petite Mom Blogger said...

Sooo precious! :)