Nov 8, 2006

Happy Birthday to My Young Man!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Zachman!
Happy Birthday to you.

Today my baby is 9 years old. Oh why is this birthday such a big deal to me? Don't get me wrong they are all important and a big deal, but for some reason this one is really hitting me hard. My baby boy is turning 9 today! The only thing I can think of is the fact that after this year, I will no longer have him in the single digits. Is that some sort of unspoken thing that us Moms go through?

Yesterday, he was out of school because of Election Day so Jerry & I took him to the batting cage/driving range and out to eat at Pizza Hut (his choice).

We all had a really good time and I so enjoy the time we get to spend with Zach. While at the driving range (which Zach absolutely loves) a man came up and commented on how well Zach could drive a golf ball and then gave him a few pointers on how he could improve. Zach looks like he's been playing for years even though he has only been to the range twice and hit a few balls into the field behind our house. I sense the next generation Tiger Woods in our future? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I'm just tickled pink that he had a good time yesterday and that he has found something he really enjoys. Maybe Santa might bring a few golf clubs this year.

We are also having a party for him on Saturday so he's looking forward to that and so am I.

Happy Birthday Sugar Butt! Moommy Bird loves you...very very much! mmmmmwwwwwaaaa

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