Nov 1, 2006

Ninjas and Tigers and Devils OH MY!!

The boys did great trick or treating last night. Hunter even got the hang of holding his bag open all by himself.

Zach and Jerry came home and did the "sorting of candy" tradition. ;) Zach always gives away more candy than he keeps for himself and I don't get it. He told us last night that he just wasn't a sweets person. Which he isn't really, just like his Mama.

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On the other hand I have a feeling Hunter is going to be like his Dada and have a sweet tooth like I've never seen. He got so mad whenever someone tried to take his bag of candy! LOL
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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Nell said...

Kick butt Ninja and super cute Tiger you have there.

Arika said...

Thank you ma'am! ;)

Rona's Home Page said...

Cool costumes.