Jan 23, 2007

Another American Idol Video

Ok, I guess I was on a bit of an American Idol kick earlier this morning in my morning catch up! LOL

I actually saw this Sunday on television when I watched the NFC Championship Game, but for those who didn't see it here's a video of Chris Daughtry singing the National Anthem at the Bears/Saints game.

Chris Daughtry Sings National Anthem

So, do you think he was just cold or do you think that was a true tear from signing the National Anthem?


Petite Mom Blogger said...

maybe a mix of emotion and cold. Loved the singing...I posted this on my blog too.

Mom said...

I thought it was great. He did a very good job and it doesn't really matter if it was emotion or cold because you could feel the emotion in his words. GOOD JOB

Anonymous said...

I could definitely feel the emotion in his song even if the tear was caused by the cold. Great JOB Chris.