Feb 8, 2007

God is Good!!

This is why our Colts are so special...... this is a picture of the locker room after Sunday night's game. What a blessing!

I received this in an email today! Just one of the many reasons I love MY colts so much!


Nell said...

I have to tell you that I never rooted for this team, but along with my Chiefs I will root for them every game --- unless they are playing us LOL

I am so impressed by their coach, team, owners...the whole orginization and their faith!

Arika said...

Just proves God is Good, doesn't it?

btw...I'll let you slide if they play one another, but that's the ONLY time ok? LOL

Tishia said...

I remember this and I remember thinking how totally awesome it was and that I wish there was more praying going on around the world.