Apr 26, 2007

Elliott CD & Video for You

This is my 2nd try at this post, because my youngest DS decided to hit some buttons on my keyboard as I was typing it and I lost everything in the first one...so TAKE 2!

I FINALLY got my Elliott Yamin CD last Sunday. After a whole month checking and near crying because every time I went to buy it it was sold out, I finally own it! It's mine!!

I think I embarrassed hubby when I bought it to, but OH WELL! I made my way to the electronics section, secretly praying to God that it would be there. I looked in the New Releases and Top Hits sections and no Elliott staring back at us. Well, I wasn't giving up, so as I had done every other time, I made my way down the alphabetized aisle to the Y's and low and behold there he was! To my surprise there were 2 copies of the CD so I reached over (this is where hubs got about 10 shades of red I'm sure, but I wasn't really paying attention because all my thoughts were on Elliott at the moment.) and snatched up my copy. There was a cardboard thingee behind the CD and when I grabbed it in all my excitement, I sent the cardboard piece flying out into the aisle. :) I just kept saying, Oh Oh Oh! and grinning from ear to ear, the biggest grin I think I've ever had on my face.

I have a feeling I'm going to wear this CD out, because it has been played so much. If I'm in the van, it's in the CD player, if I'm in the house, it's in my pc playing!

I don't have a favorite song, they are all awesome and I'm not just saying that. But IF I HAVE to pick one I have to say that "Movin' On" and "One Word", You Are the One", and "I'm the Man" are probably the best! Yes, I know that was 4, not one, but sue me, I can't help it. This boy's got talent and it shows in EVERY song on the CD. To quote Elliot himself "One word...AMAZING!"

The two really up beat, songs on the CD prove what Paula Abdul told Elliott on Idol, "You're one funky white boy!" I love the hip hop feel and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard them because he does the club type songs just as well as the bluesy, soul filled ones.

Hubby likes the song "Alright" and the boys even jam to it when we're in the van. My 19 month old has even tried to learn to snap his fingers when "Movin' On" is playing! How cute is that? He must remember watching Idol with me in Season 5 and have his mama's taste in music. Good Boy!

Now, I'm off to work so I can some extra money, because Elliott will be in Richmond and in Norfolk next month and I'm going to do EVERYTHING I can to be at at least one of the shows. That and I need to earn some money because I just found out there is a Elliott Yamin (2 CD Set) out that has 2 bonus tracks on it and I MUST have it! :)

Here's a video of Elliott's debut single from his album, "I'll Wait for You!" Check it out, you'll love it! And if you don't, what's wrong with you? ;)

And here's the words for you if you want them! ;)