Apr 20, 2007

Let Them Know You Care Wear Orange & Maroon Today

In honor of those who were so suddenly and tragically taken from this Earth this past Monday, today the nation mourns. To support those who lost their loved ones as well as to boost up their spirits a bit, please wear your orange and maroon today!

I was going to write a post about Monday, April 16, 2007's horrible tragedy, but to be honest, by now I really don't think I could say anything that hasn't already been said and I refuse to give the shooter what he wanted by spreading the word of his heinous act, so instead I will just say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Blacksburg and their friends and families! My heart goes out to each and everyone of you and may God be with you and see you through your losses. My prayers have been and will continue to be sent for you!

You are a very strong bunch, after all: YOU ARE VA TECH HOKIES!!

We will all be sporting our colors in this family and I'll hopefully get everyone together for a pic at the same time at some point and post later! ;)

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