May 12, 2007

Jack (John Ritter) Knows How We WAHMs Feel!

As I sit here tonight at 12:30, wrapping up my work for the day (or atleast all I plan to do for the day, since I don't think sleeping at my desk would be too smart or comfy), I heard something I just had to share.

Hubby had surgery yesterday and so things have been kind of out of wack work wise the past two days. Therefore I am a bit behind, but I've got a good handle on things now and by tomorrow this time I plan to be completely caught up, because dagg-on it I'm taking Mother's Day off! :)

Anyway, to the point of this post. Hubby fell asleep on the couch watching TV Land (I think when he dosed off we were watching re-runs of The Andy Griffith show). The TV is still on now and Three's Company is on. Jack was in the house and Mr. Roper (I think that's his name anyway) comes in and asks what he's doing. Jack replies with a list of things he's running around doing, which included cleaning house and baking a cake, along with about 5 other things. It's obvious he's very busy and after he finishes quickly rattling off what he's doing...Mr. Roper replies "Oh Good, I thought you were busy."

Reminds me of what we WAHMs go through far more than we should sometimes. It's nothing to be ear deep in your work and someone calls, someone comes up to your desk or like wise and asks you to do something for them. Boy, have I had more of those times than I care to count. No, I'm not talking about kids because they come first and foremost, especially when they are young and can't fend for themselves. I'm talking about the grown adults who know what it's like to work, but just don't seem to respect the fact that Yes, you are really working here even if you are at home.

It seems like those who don't "get" the work at home mom concept seem to think that because you run your own business, you can do what you want (or should I say what THEY want) whenever you want. Oh quite the contrary! If you're a WAHM, you know exactly what I am talking about don't you? :) Yes, it is nice to be able to drop what you are doing at a moment's notice for an emergency, but to do it all the time for little things that could have waited until you were done or could have easily been done by the person requesting your attention, that's a whole other ballgame! :)

So, if you know someone who works at home, give 'em a break. Unless it's an emergency, if they say they are working, don't bother them with something that can really wait until later. Chances are they will be more available to you in the future if you respect their work time more.

Just a bit of a rant/giggle for the day! Just to be perfectly clear, I'm not talking about anyone specific here, just happened to overhear Jack's dilemma and know quite a few work at home moms, including myself, who could relate!

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Yep..I can relate!

BTW, Happy Mother's Day!