Jun 23, 2007

Phase 1 Backroom Remodel Complete

We've been so busy around here the past 2 weeks, it's crazy. We've got a 4th bedroom (how I would love for this to someday be my office) that has been nothing but storage since we moved in 3 years ago. It was an addition that was not done correctly by the previous owner's son-in-law (to remain nameless) and has since leaked and ruined at least 2 walls in the room.

We have finally been able to afford to start working on it to get it fixed the way it needs to be and so 2 weeks ago we began our journey to a new and improved room. It had to start with replacing the roof on the back half of the house and I'm excited to say that after 2 weeks, lots of heat and about $1,000 the roof is complete and we can begin Phase 2.

What is phase 2 your might ask? Siding the addition. The rest of the house was sided but when IDIOT (that's what he will be called from now on) added the 4th room to the house, he didn't put siding on it, hence the ruined walls. Next week we are ordering the siding and hopefully by the first week of July that part will be complete and we can then move onto Phase 3: Replacing the floor and walls inside.

This is where it gets interesting. Once we get the outside complete (we have to stop the weather from getting in before we start on the inside or we might as well throw that money down the drain.) we'll get to see just exactly how much damage has been done. But, I'm keeping positive and hoping for the best because once we get this room done it's on to the real remodeling project: The Bathroom! Goodbye teeny tiny can't hardly turn around in it bathroom, hello wide open, maybe even a garden tub, luxury! heehee :)

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