Sep 14, 2007

Not All Germs Are Bad!

My friend Kelly McCausey posted this Joy Germ over at the Because Mom Said So blog the other day and it was such a sweet thing I just had to pass on.

I make it a point everyday to somehow spread a bit of joy to someone's life in whatever way I can. No matter how big or small the deed, we should all do something nice for someone as often as we can.

I have to say that hubby made me proud yesterday. We had to run to Walmart so I could pick up a piece for my computer and on the way in there was an elderly woman unloading her groceries into her car. She looked like she was having a bit of trouble, so hubby gave me the cart and said "Go ahead and take the boys in, I'll meet you inside."

As I looked back, he was heading to the dear woman's car and asked if he could help her with her groceries. I smiled from ear to ear and pushing Hunter in the cart, with Zach helping, we went inside the doors and patiently waited for hubby.

When we turned around here he came...not walking but riding one of the little motorized carts. He looked so cute and so goofy at the same time, I couldn't help but laugh. Once he finally made it in the store (those carts are really slow) I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him!

Both the boys just sat and watched the whole thing and hopefully they will always remember the day Dad spread the Joy Germ at Walmart! :)

How about you, how do you spread the love? And feel free to pick up the graphic and post on your blog or website! Spread the love and the joy germ!

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casual friday everyday said...

oh that would warm my heart, too. i'm like you in trying to always do something everyday, but sometimes in this fast paced world you forget.

or you think you have to do something really special for it to count. something as nice and simple as letting somebody over into your lane if there is a long line, holding the door for somebody, thanking somebody for their all is special!