Oct 19, 2007

7 Things About The Wahmmy!

I've been tagged by my friend Tishia Lee. Unfortunately, I almost missed the tag as it was last week while I was in my bit of a funk and not on the pc unless I absolutely had to be due to the fact I was ill and irritable...ahhh gotta love that pregnant-ness!

Anyway, Tishia wants to know 7 things about me that she may not already know...hmmm...I'm not sure exactly what to post but I'll do my best. So, here goes:

1. I'm mom to two boys and expecting my 3rd child in April...secretly I want a little girl, but boys are so much fun too. Shhhh don't tell hubby!

2. I have one sister and two brothers who are all younger than me and have way more attitude than me too! Yes, I was the good child...heehee

3. My parents divorced when I was not even a year old.

4. I credit finding God again to my hubby and I credit God for my hubby!

Wheww...this is getting hard here, Tishia.

5. Both my boys have middle names that when put together are my dad's name, but neither was named after my dad.

6. Hubby and I can't agree on any name for the new baby except that if it's a boy his first name will be Drake and if it's a girl, her middle name will be MaeAnn.

7. Watching my grandmother pass away was the saddest day of my life and one that changed my life forever, in ways I never thought possible.

Ok, that was tough. Now I'm supposed to tag other people, but I know this round of Tag has been around tons of times, so if you've already been tagged...sorry! If not, let us know your 7 things:

and anyone else who wants to play along!


Kristine said...

Wow! I actually saw this post in time to play along! Just posted my 7 things...

Mama Arika said...

Yay! Glad you saw it and great things to know Kristine! ;)

Jen @ One moms world said...

I really like MaeAnn. My oldest litt'e girl's middle name is RaeAnn made up from one of my best friends name and my deceased mother in law's name.

Mama Arika said...

Thanks Jen...actually one of the names we're throwing around for a first name is Lyndsee!

And MaeAnn comes from hubby's grandmother's middle name and my grandmother and mother's middle name!

Tishia said...

Thanks for playing along :-) I loved reading your answers!

I loved your #5 about both your boys having middle names that when put together are your dad's name but neither of them were named after him. That's really cool!

And #6 - I like the name Drake and what a unique middle name for a girl, I've never heard that before!