Oct 16, 2007

Bye Bye First Trimester

Sunday I hit 13 weeks and had my appointment yesterday. Hubbs wasn't going to go with me but about an hour before I had to leave he called and said, get me some clean clothes cause I'm going with you! Though the appointment wasn't anything big, just talk, measure, go over the ultrasound results, I was so glad that he got to go with me.

We dropped the H-man off at Granny & Grandaddy's and headed on our way for a few hours of just Mom & Dad time. It was so nice...we don't get that much at all due to kids, work schedules, etc. so when we do we take advantage of it.

Once at our appointment, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. There is just something about hearing the heartbeat for the first time that makes it all real and causes a sense of calm, at least for me. Even the doctor was mesmerized for a bit, because she just left the doppler there for what seemed like a long time and let us listen. With Hunter, Jerry didn't even hear it, the doctor was so fast about things. Of course, had he said something at the time I would have made darn sure the doc left it there until he did.

Yesterday there was just a sense of calm and peace in the whole wide world (which by the way I forgot existed while I was listening to those absolutely wonderful thump, thump, thumps that are my baby's heart beat. Oh and by the way, this baby is very cooperative...heard the heart beat the minute the doppler hit my tummy. Me is thinkin' this just might be my little girl because neither of my boys were quite that cooperative, until it came to the ultrasound to determine their sex and then of course they both just flipped right on over to show the world that! ;)

Ok, I've pretty much rambled on haven't I? All tests came back A-ok, blood pressure looks GREAT at 112/54, which is lower than with the boys who I ran ok with but still a bit higher. (hmmm maybe yet another clue...you think?) I haven't gained any weight since my last visit and can't quite figure that one out because I've been eating like a horse which I couldn't do at this point with the boys either. See the differences here people? hee hee

After the appointment we headed over to get some maternity clothes, yes I need them already can you believe that!!!! Got two outfits, one of which is absolutely adorable and looks oh so comfy! I'll have to post pics of them soon.

By the way, no I don't necessarily want a girl more than a boy, but it would be kind of cool to have some female hormones other than just mine running through this house! ;)


casual friday everyday said...

Oh Arika, you warm my heart! I get so warm and fuzzy when I read stories about Mama's being preggers! BELLY RUBS!

Alice Seba said...

Congrats...how exciting!