Oct 29, 2007

Fall Decorating: Can I Please Get Started

This is the 4th Fall we've lived in our house and every year I say I want to decorate for the season and every year I get as far as putting a wreath on the door and that's about it. Oh wait, we do the pumpkins on the step too!

How could I forget that? Especially since Zach can't stand putting his hand in them to clean them out so we can carve them. Of course being the odd ball I am this came as a surprise to me because as a child I alway thought that was the best part of creating our jack-o-lanterns. Of course I am not artist and the creative bone never grew in my body, so the whole carving was not all that exciting for me, guess "gutting" the pumpkin was the only other choice I had hu?

So, this year for our pumpkin adventure I've decided to save my precious child's hands and stomach and try painting the pumpkins instead. Guess I should be happy that some things still gross him out hu? I found this awesome little pumpkin painting ebook that is wonderful for moms like me who don't have a creative bone in their body. I try really I do, but I'm also a perfectionist so 9 times out of 10 that gets in my way.

No, here it is 2 days before Halloween and we still don't have our pumpkins done! Bad, bad mom I know! But...on a more positive note, we've had our costumes picked out for weeks now! ;)

Now, maybe just maybe before Thanksgiving gets here I'll have the nice little display of straw bails and corn husks in the front yard. Wonder if I can find an ebook on fall decorating? hmmm...

Until next time, when I hope to have pictures of Halloween and our completed pumpkins, if you still haven't decorated your jack-o-lanterns for the holiday, check out EZ Pumpkin Painting.

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Tishia said...

I hate carving pumpkins, I hate gutting pumpkins. So this year I didn't do one with my son - he didn't even care. He's not really into Halloween anyways so I can get away with not doing Halloween things (although we are going to a church fun night tomorrow and he is looking forward to that).