Oct 22, 2007

I Tackled It...But Not Until Saturday

I have been meaning to clean out the fridge for a few months (yes I said months) now, but for some reason or another I kept putting it off. Assuming the fact that I could close the door and not see it, therefore lending to the out of site, out of mind thing.

Well Saturday I did it! I emptied the contents and scrubbed to my heart's content and now we have a nice clean kitchen appliance. Of course it kinda stands out against all the other appliances which still need a good scrub down. ;) Not to mention the whole kitchen that someday will get remodeled and be a kitchen that I can actually enjoy being in. That all comes after the back room (soon to be the Zman's hangout), the nursery (which needs a whole new change), the bathroom (which I'm tired of seeing half done for what seems like since the day we moved in) and the installation of central heat and air (which YEEHAW is coming this spring).

So, as you can see my lack of motivation when it comes to my kitchen is all due to the fact that I need a new one. If you know me, you know my kitchen is the messiest and least kept up room in the house. If you know my mom, you know she is probably cringing in her seat as she's reading this because the kitchen is the heart of her home and always has been. Someday mama, someday I will make you proud of me in the kitchen department....that is of course once I stop having kids and can actually get my kitchen redone. ;)

Anyway, this was one of those non-interesting posts, but I had to post my accomplishment somewhere because with a house full of males they could care less than mom's reached a goal when it comes to cleaning out the refrigerator.

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LeaAnn said...

Wow lil missy I'm so proud of you. Now just remember to do that once a week and you'll never need me to come do it for you again. Your right the kitchen is the heart of my home and yea yours too. I'll make a Betty Crocker Jr out of you yet. Love ya.