Oct 4, 2007

Josh Hoge - 360 Video

I saw Josh Hoge the first time when I went and saw my man (yes, MY man...lol) Elliott Yamin earlier this year. He is AWESOME!! The boy's got a range like I've never heard and he makes an absolutely perfect backup singer for Elliott, but I know he won't be backin' anyone up long!

Check out his video 360 and let me know what you think of it.

Josh Hoge - 360

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Tishia said...

Very sexy voice. Him and Elliot will sound good together I think :-) The video was a bit sad :-( Definitely like his voice! yes yes yes.

Mama Arika said...

Hey Tishia...they DO sound good together! ;-)

He's got a few other songs out that are more up beat and funky I guess you could say and you can listen to them on his myspace page here: