Nov 2, 2007

Friday Free for All: Outsourcing Help

It's Friday and I'm in a freebie kind of mood, especially after having to pay out a couple extra bills this month (thanks Mr. PC for being a boob yesterday and causing me to lose almost a whole day of work), so today I want to tell you about not 1, but 2 freebies. They both go hand in hand and since I got swamped last week I missed out on telling you about the first one.

The good news's still available and it's still free so you're in for a treat!

If you work from home, you've probably heard the term outsourcing before and there's no one better to learn from the Outsourcing Sweetie herself, Alice Seba. She's in the process of creating a product (but it's more than just a product, but more on that later) on the very subject.

Last week, she gave away this Outsourcing Interview away for free and you can access the interview, along with full transcripts, by clicking here.

As for the second free goodie, check this out.

After the release of that interview, Alice received a number of questions and she’s graciously taken the time to answer them. I urge you to get a copy of that Q & A report now here.

I personally am toying with the idea of outsourcing things in my own business and have begun a bit of it, but not where I want to be with it. With a third baby on the way, a toddler and an almost 10 year old, I honestly have no other choice so I'm devouring this information as it comes in and am highly considering signing up for the full product once it's released. Because of this, I've been saving everything I get to my computer so I'll have it at the drop of a hat and you should do the same too.

If you grab either of these freebies, stop back by and let me know what you think of them and tell me how you plan to use them to help outsource in your business.

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