Nov 17, 2007

Join Me for Only $1 at Outsourcing Sweetie

At long last, Alice has released a BETA version of the Official Outsourcing Sweetie Members Area and I jumped all over it. At this price, there was NO way I could resist!

I've been in the members area almost every day so far since it launched on Thursday and I'm finding so much stuff to help me grow my business without having to sacrifice more time (that I don't have mind you).

You can get in until November 30th for only $1 too! Yep, that's right only a buck gets you access to everything! If you're ready to stop slaving endlessly for your business, come join me as an Outsourcing Sweetie Gold Member! I'll see you on the inside.

1 comment:

Tishia said...

I'm loving Outsourcing Sweetie and I haven't even began to touch the resources she has available!