Dec 15, 2007

Cross Blog Talkin' Aurelia Williams

In case you missed my first question to Aurelia in this Cross Blog Conversation (CBC), I asked Aurelia to tell us a bit about herself and how she became such the cool woman she is now.

Woah Baby! Aurelia, you sure know how to make it difficult on someone to follow suit! ;)

Aurelia posted a tear jerking response, but not a bad's one of those responses that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside and draws up that inner urge to make the best of everything in your life. If you haven't had a chance to, I highly suggest you head over and read her whole post by clicking here. Be warned you might cry, you'll probably smile, and you'll definitely forget how bad your day has been after reading! One things for sure, you'll see why I admire Aurelia so much after you do.

Aurelia's first question to me is:

"Arika, Who are you? (meaning tell us about you, your likes, dislikes and family) Then please tell us why you chose to be a WAHM!"

She's not asking much for a first question now is she? ;-) Just kidding, as I told Aurelia, I love it that she never let's me take the easy way out. I know the questions are only to get harder though so it's time to suck it up and get on with the show, so here's just a bit about "Who I Am."

<-- See that picture right there? That's the REAL wahmmy in all her glory. I'm a mom of 2 boys, ages 10 and 2 and expecting a baby girl, Sierra, in April. This picture was taken during the summer (as a matter of fact right around the time Sierra was conceived) on a camping trip to the mountains...the one place I would love to be more than anything most of the time.

I'm also the wife to that wonderful man over there.-->

This too was during our trip last summer, on the way home. Neither one of us wanted to leave. In fact we dream of moving to the mountains one day on a huge piece of land with no neighbors in sight. Mountaineers I guess you could call us! LOL

Both of the pictures also answer the question of why I wanted to be a WAHM. I want to spend as much time as possible while I'm here on this Earth with those I love most. There are other reasons but no matter what they all come back to those 3 handsome fellas in one way or another and that's what matters most.

I could expand on the question so much more, but Aurelia this is a conversation not a novel so if you want to know more you're gonna have to dig a little deeper girl. ;)

Now for my next question to you, Aurelia. I'll make this one real easy on you...since I'm pregnant you can imagine that I'm ALWAYS hungry so I've got food on the brain and you can thank that for your easy question.

"What is your one weakness when it comes to food?" I actually think I know the answer, but will be surprised to find out if I'm right!

3 comments: said...

Oh Yippee! I get to be a fly on the wall again. So fun learning about my online friends! :-)

Alyssa Avant said...

I'm with Annette it's fun to be a fly on the wall.

Nell said...

Great CBC. She gave you a pretty broad question, but you managed to tackle it in all your glory!