Dec 3, 2007

WAH Tip Monday: Mistakes Are Normal

This week's WAH Tip courtesy of Mila Sidman of

Making Mistakes is a Normal Part of Business - Learn from Them and Move On

Oh how true that statement is. I am such a perfectionist that it hurts me many more times than it helps. I constantly have to remind myself that mistakes are a normal part of everything in life. Yes, even business.

It's what you do with the lessons learned from them after they happen that makes a difference. If you make a boo-boo in business, don't dwell on it. Remind yourself that you are only human and we all make mistakes.

Then, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take note of what caused the oopsie in the first place. Make a mental (or physical) note to not let it happen again and put into place actions and plans to keep it from reoccurring. Only then can you say you truly learned from the mistake and move on.

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Nell Taliercio said...

I've made many and some were doozies, but I feel the same way ... make them, learn from them, move on...oh, and never repeat the mistake LOL

Tishia said...

Great advice! I've definitely had my fair share of mistakes and like Nell some of them have been doozies! But you can't let it 'stunt' your growth - you have to brush it off and move forward.