Jan 18, 2008

Free Help for Your Household - Grocery Coupons & Money Saving Tips

Happy Friday Everyone! :) Can you believe it's Friday again already? For me this week has flown by and I feel like I'm not even close to having things done I needed to have done by today. Looks like a working weekend for me, but I hope that's not the case for you.

As I was starting to plan my grocery list for the next week, I was browsing the net for deals and coupons and as always, my first stop was The Household Helper website.

The owner, Cara Mirabella, has great tips for coupons and tons of other household things from saving time and money to helpful tips and hints to make running a household so much easier. She's got a blog where she posts coupons and deals on all kinds of things.

You really should check out the CVS coupons she posts if you have a CVS nearby. I wish I had one close by because this girl knows how to walk out of there with tons of stuff and only spends a few dollars. I'm telling you she's the Queen of Couponing (yep, she made that word up I think).

Anyway, today's freebie came in very handy for me and I think it will you too. Especially if you're looking for ways to save money especially on your groceries. I don't know about you, but I can easily spend $150 a week on groceries for my family of four and with a baby on the way, I know that's only going to go up and up. After all, I've got 2 growing boys and a hard working hubby who love their food!

Cara has 2 free ebooks to give to anyone who subscribes to her newsletter. Once or twice a week she sends those who subscribe deals, coupons, and helpful tips. And they are tips you'll actually USE - not just junk to fill your inbox. The two ebooks she gives you are:

Saving Money on Grocery Shopping
This is an awesome ebook that makes it super easy to put some of that hard earned cash back in your pocket and still have great meals the whole week through. I'm saying goodbye to that $150 chunk of change that comes out of my pocket starting this week thanks to this one.

200 Problem Solving Tips for Your Home & Health
I haven't had a chance to dig into this one yet, but if it's anywhere near as good as the grocery shopping one, I know I'll get tons of useful information from it. Lord knows we've got enough problems in this house so any tips to help solve them have got to be good! ;)

To get your free ebooks just sign up for the Household Helper newsletter. You'll see the sign up box in the top right corner of the page. Enter your name and email address and you'll be sent the link to download the ebooks.

Be sure to come back here and let me know what you thought of them and how they helped your household run smoother. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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