Jan 4, 2008

Friday Free For All: Internet Profit Plan & Goal Map 2008

I subscribe to the Marketing Profits Newsletter over at Internet Profit Planning as well as frequent Angela Will's blog there where she lists a Free Tool Friday each week that helps online business owners in some way.

This past weekend, Angela created and posted a very helpful tool for me and I'm sure other's alike. Being it's the New Year, it is a great time to really sit down and focus on where you want to be this time next year with your business. If you're like me you have good intentions, but the planning and focusing always get off track somewhere along the line.

Angela's Fill in the Blank Internet Profit Plan & Goal Map is the perfect thing to help those of us who always seem to push our own goals to the back burner stay on track. I have printed the pdf file out and took the time to actually sit down and fill it in with 2 of my own goals for this year for Take 5 Virtual Assistance.

It now resides on my cork board, right next to my desk (along side my upcoming client projects) where I'll see it each and every day so I no longer have an excuse for putting my own business behind everything else.

So, if you're looking for a bit of focus and need something to help you actually visualize what you want to do this year with your business, head over and grab your very own Internet Profit Plan & Goal Map by clicking here.

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