Jan 17, 2008

The Story Behind the Bucket Head Soldier

Today is the first day of Tell Me Thursday here at They Call Me Wahmmy. Tell Me Thursday was started by two moms who love all the pictures that appear on blogs for Wordless Wednesday, but really want to know the stories behind them. To participate and learn how it all works head over to TellMeThursday.com and check it out.

So, for our first Tell Me Thursday here's the story behind yesterday's picture. If you missed it, you can see it here.

It's my two year old playing with his army men earlier this week. On Monday I had a horrible toothache that basically left me on the couch with tylenol and an ice pack most of the day. Hunter did so good playing quietly that day. He and I watched a few movies and cuddled on the couch a lot of the day.

He has a bucket full of army men and he decided to dump them in the middle of the floor and play. At first, I thought "Oh no, not the bucket of army men for me to have to clean up." That thought completely disappeared when he put the bucket on his head. It was just too cute and I had to get up and snap a few pictures with my camera. He happily obliged and even wanted to be sure I got one of his fellow soldiers in the picture. Even with a horrendous toothache my little man made me smile. :-) Kids are a miracle I tell you, because just those few seconds of relief from my toothache were so welcomed and the hugs that followed were priceless no matter how much pain I was in.


Tell Me Thursday said...

Awww...what a great story for such fun pictures! Thanks for playing at TMT! :-)

Tishia said...

What a great story. I like the idea of this tell me Thursday thing. I like catching glimpses of my friend's life and the WW pictures do that but the story behind it makes it all the more fun.

I would of never known from looking at the picture that you were laid up with a toothache, etc. (OUCH!)

I think I'll definitely have to start playing along with TMT too.

chele said...

That was an adorable shot of the little man. I wonder where I can find a cool bucket like that. I'm convinced that the bucket makes the difference! =) Hope you feel better soon...

Mama Arika said...

Thanks everyone! Chele - the sticker on the bottom shows it came from Dollar General. I agree - I feel so much more protected when he has that bucket on his head. ;)

Lisa said...

Well, every army man needs a helmet!

Sometimes kids just know when mommy needs a break, even the littlest ones.