Jan 7, 2008

We're Having a Pirate Themed Birthday Party This Year

I know it's only January and my boys' birthdays are still awhile away, but I came across a site today and just had to share what I found with you in case your child's birthday is coming up or you're like me and wondering what you're going to do for their party this year.

Normally we don't do anything extra special for the boys' birthdays. Just cake, ice cream and presents with family and maybe a few friends at the house. One year we did take Zach and his cousin to the Build a Bear workshop and they loved it, but other than that nothing too fancy.

One of the reasons I have never gone all out is the cost associated with these things. It seems like the more fun the party, the higher the costs associated with it. Well this year, I think we'll have a rockin' party for Zach and his buddies because I found a site that specializes in do-it-yourself kid's birthday parties - Party by Mom.

I just picked up the pirate party ebook and was going to wait and read it until later, but I couldn't help myself...I started to skim through it and found myself reading the whole thing front to back.

There are great ideas in here for every step of this party and I can't wait to start officially planning it from all the other ideas it sparked in my head. The coolest part is it isn't going to cost me tons of money or stress planning it. They have ideas for stuff like:

* Making your own invitations
* Meal & snack recipes
* Decorating (indoors and out)
* Games & Crafts
* Take home gifts for all the guests

So, if you're looking for a cool idea for your little man's birthday party this year, check out Plan the Perfect Pirate Party from PartybyMom.

They've also got great books for little girl's parties too. Here are the ones I am thinking about for Sierra in a few years! ;-)

Princess Party
Tea Party

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