Aug 16, 2005

I Finally Received My Kit!!


Yesterday while running errands, I made the stop at the post office and low and behold my catalog for the home decor items I am going to be selling was in the box. I was so excited I almost couldn't wait until I drove the 1 mile home to open it. I restrained myself however and carried in the groceries and put them away before I did. I didn't have much time so I just glanced it over hoping to be able to dive in full force within a few hours. I must say that some of the things in the catalog I truely wonder who would want them, but I realize that not everyone has the same tastes as I do, thank goodness.

Well, needless to say, I didn't get a chance to actually look over it in depth until last night after dinner. When I did I was a bit surprised at the suggested retail prices...some of this stuff just will not sell in this area at those prices, but I will not let this discourage me! I quickly set up a spreadsheet to see if I could do some adjusting to my pricing and I believe I can and still make a decent profit at it. I think if I really work hard at advertising, I can make a decent living with this stuff and the candles too. I am so excited and want to get started right away!! I will be taking the catalog with me everywhere I go from now on, until I can afford to order more catalogs and brochures and get my business cards made up.

Once I get Zach ready for school and start making some more money with my VA biz, I plan to invest in my candle of the month club and advertising material for this business. I am still awaiting my confirmation from the IRS regarding my Federal Employer ID Number and once that is here and I change a few things with them, I am going to mail out my State Tax info and be on my way with this. So, I will play the waiting game until that happens, but I still plan to promote my products and take any orders that I may get in that time.

Until Next Time....Have a wonderful day everyone!! :)


Nell said...

Hey hun, what company is it? I didn't see a name, but I could have just overlooked it.

Arika said...

My candles are going to be thru Mia Bella and my Home Decor is a variety of places!

Nell said...