Aug 12, 2005

Patience, Patience

It really does pay off! :)

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post (and I swore I would post at a minimum of once per week). We've all been busy little bees around here.

Jerry has been working 60+ hours every week for almost the last month, I think I've finally got him to take a weekend off this weekend! :) Zach, well he's been busy playing video games and putting together Bionicles for the most part, but for a 7 year old that's busy buddy!!!! LOL

As for me, I've been busy working on business ideas so that once Hunter comes along I won't have to go back to the work force, atleast not full time. First, let me tell my wonderful Momma, Thank You for all those years of preaching patience and step by step to me! For those of you who don't know me, I am not a patient person in the least and if I can't get from point A to point B in a fairly quick amount of time I tend to get extremely frustrated. However, with the help of my mom over the last few weeks, I am working on this, and feel that I have come a LONG way!! So once again Momma: Thank You and I Love You!!!

I've been working on finding a way to work for myself, at home, for years now and have done my share of getting scammed, but I think I've finally found my calling and the ability to do what I've wanted to do for oh so long! I have two different things in the works right now. The first being a Virtual Assistant Business. Just last week I was offered a subcontract position with a virtual assistant (If you happen to be reading Thanks Mel!) whom I met at
Mommy's Place Forums back in the spring. It oh so pays off to network with other stay/work at home parents!! I finished the project and she was very happy with the results and is going to be sending me more stuff to possibly work with her on in the future.

The second thing I am working on right now is starting my own Candle/Home Decor business. I have wanted to sell/make candles for a long time! I absolutely love candles, some would say I'm addicted to candles even, but I have NO artistic ability so I've decided to sell instead of create! I came across a company that I have decided to go with that will sell me the candles at wholesale and let me tell you, I just got 2 sample votives yesterday and they are AWESOME!! They are soy based and smell oh so great. I could smell them as soon as I opened the box. I received Juicy Ripe Watermelon and Hot Apple Pie. I have the watermelon burning as I type this and I can smell it throughout most of the house! Thanks to Andrea!! ;) I have also found a great supplier for Home Decor and am anxiously awaiting their kit/catalog so I can see everything they have to offer, thanks to Annette (you're awesome girl) for turning me on to this company!

So, you may ask why have I been so busy if I haven't started selling anything yet??? That's where the step by step and patience comes in. I've been making sure I do this right and get all my ducks in a row, without just jumping right in. I've been researching companies and laws in the state/county for starting a business. I have filled out some federal and state paperwork for sales tax and am awaiting replies from each of them. I have a business name picked out already and am working on business cards and other advertising methods. So, as you can see, I've been busy, but I am going to really work on making sure I post here more often! ;)
Until next time, have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Nell said...

Awwww! I love to see daughters and mommy's who love each other. I have such a close relationship with mine too.

And congrats on the subcontracted work! GO GIRL!

I wish you all the best with your sweet litle family and your businesses.

Arika said...

Thank you so much Nell and yes, my mom and I are very close, just wish she was closer to me physically...800+ miles is a long way!

As for the work I owe a great deal of it to you! Thanks buddy!

Nell said...

Nah! You owe it to yourself! Your persistance and passion. GO GIRL