Nov 21, 2005

Over reacting Mom...there's no such thing!

It was bound to happen no matter how many times I restrained myself from kissing his sweet little face, no matter how much disinfecting I did or sanitizing of my hands, it was inevitable. Hunter has his caught his first cold. It all started Friday night.

After putting him in a clean diaper, bundling him up in his cozy jammies, feeding him and rocking him to sleep, I laid him down in his bed for what I prayed, as I do every night, would be the first time he slept through the night. Two hours later, he woke crying and sniffling. His poor little nose was stopped up and he was coughing and gagging every time he took a breath because his poor sinuses were draining into his throat. Being he is only 2 months old I was not sure what, if anything I could give him. So, as all mothers do, I called Granny and asked her advice. After trying to reach the pediatrician's after hours answering service for 45 minutes to no avail, I decided that I could use a vaporizer filled with Vicks to help break up the congestion. So, Granny brought her vaporizer to us and I propped him up in his swing and let him sleep there for most of the night. That was the only way I could keep him from coughing and gagging.

Saturday morning he awoke and the congestion had broken up and his tiny nose was finally running. I grabbed the handy dandy bulb syringe and began sucking away. I was never so glad to see snot in my life! ;) I called the pediatrician's office yet again Saturday because I knew they had Saturday morning hours and was sure I would reach someone and could ask what I could give him for his cold. Nope, in the famous words of the monkey from Lion King, "Wrong again!" I was still getting a busy signal. By this point, I was furious with the doctor's office and decided I would call the 1-800-Ask a Nurse number that I learned about when Zach was a baby. Well go figure, that number was no good anymore! Just my luck I tell ya!

So, we bundled Hunter and Zach in the car and drove into town to the pharmacy. I went in and asked the pharmacist what I could give the little man and he gave me some Infant Robitussin for cough and congestion and told me to keep using the vaporizer. He seemed much better that evening and his aunt Wendy had wanted to come and get him and Zach to stay the night at her house. I hesitated letting him go, but I thought it's just a cold and Wendy knows what to do, so I finally let go and they were on their way.

Sunday evening Wendy brought the boys home and said Hunter had been fine and took to the meds well. After about 20 minutes of being home he started crying at the top of his lungs and nothing I did seemed to comfort him. I know what you are thinking...babies do that! You are right, but I was still extremely worried because he doesn't scream like that. Most people don't consider his cry to be a cry because it is so weak. I couldn't get ahold of the pediatrician yet again so I decided it was time for a trip to the emergency room. Once there they decided to do some bloodtests and X-rays and swabs just to make sure it wasn't RSV or pneumonia. All the tests came back ok and it was nothing more than a cold, but atleast now we know! He's been taking his Robitussin and I keep the vaporizer going so hopefully the cold will quickly work itself through and he'll be all better again!

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