Jan 14, 2006

What could a child possibly need those this early for?

Teeth...that's what I'm talking about.

Hunter has been cutting his first 2 teeth since around Thanksgiving and they, of course, still haven't come in. I didn't expect them to come this early, but they are. You can feel them on his bottom gum and he is slobbering everywhere, all the time, even in his sleep. I feel so bad for him because he is just miserable and it's so obvious. He is crying almost all the time and even when he feels like laughing and smiling it usually makes him cry when he does because it hurts his little gums.

Baby Orajel does nothing and he won't suck on the teething rings for more than about 2 seconds, which is the amount of time it takes him to realize that he is not going to get any food from it. Nipples with cotton balls and pacifiers are a no go too. I feel so bad for the poor guy, but it's all a part of life that he will not remember so that helps ease the sad feelings on Mom's part. I keep telling myself and Hunter too that "this too shall pass" and before we know it I'll be saying oh how I miss those days of him wanting his Mommy all the time!

Another day in the life of a momma and her 4 month old that I had to share! :)

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