Jan 16, 2006

What is Arika Crying About??

My Indianapolis Colts...that's what! For yet another year in a row we won't make it past the playoffs!

My first and biggest complaint is that it all came down to the kicker, Vanderjagt. He hasn't missed a field goal at home and the commentators had to say something about that right before he kicked, which in my opinion jinxed him! LOL You could so tell he felt awful because he looked like he would cry and in a post game interview he said that it was a bad kick, he missed it, that's all there was to it and that he would take whatever heat was given him! That my friends is a GREAT player in my opinion.

Throughout the game there were calls made by the officials that were clearly wrong. No I'm not complaining because they were against the Colts because they went both ways.

I must say that I was not impressed with the line either. They are there to protect their QB and they clearly didn't, not like the Colts line normally does anyhow!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not beating up my Colts at all! They had a wonderful season and I still back them all the way, win or lose, just as I have since I was old enough to watch football. They have a wonderful team who plays so well together and a coach who has done nothing but good for the team!

And I will leave this post with the following: CONGRATULATIONS INDIANAPOLIS COLTS on an AWESOME season and we'll see you again next year!!!

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