Feb 28, 2006

Look Out George and Weezie!

The Lewis Family is Movin on Up!

Hi Speed Cable Internet and Digital Telephone...yeah we got 'em! Last week I got my internet hooked up and then today they came and installed my digital telephone line! YAYYY!!! I'm so excited and finally feel like I'm no longer living in the dark ages!

Our telephone company was the only company that was available here for years and years and then last spring the cable company put digital in our little whole in the wall. Well I finally got around to telling Verizon....SEE YA SUCKERS!! I love the digital service already and I haven't even had it an hour yet! I would have gone with Vonage (which is VOIP), but they don't have a number that is local to this area so all the in laws would have to call long distance to get us and I don't think that's right. Yes, they are a bit cheaper than digital but not enough for me to make my inlaws or the school have to call long distance to talk to us when we are only 10 miles away!

You have no idea how this helps not only our wallet, but my business as well! I'm actuall capable of getting a part time telecommute job to help supplement Jerry's income while I'm building my business. We really will be movin' on up once I get that done.

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