Mar 1, 2006

Two Pics to hold you over!

Here's a pic of Hunter & one of Zach to hold everyone over until I can get more uploaded at my hosting site! I hope it shows up clearer on your pc than it does mine! If it's blurry please leave me a comment so I can figure out what's wrong and fix it! This was taken last week! Can't believe he's 5 1/2 months already! He's growing like a weed-next appointment is next Wednesday.

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Zach is doing ok. He's still having problems with his behavior at school and I hope that we can find the culprit and nip this problem in the bud soon! Will be meeting with the teachers this week to discuss what we can do!On the plus side he has been doing better with his chores and around home with his attitude! On Sunday and Monday we worked on his first science project for school. He had to create a model of the solar system and he did very well and I actually didn't do as much of the project as I thought I would have to. He's got such the imagination and I love watching the wheels turning in his head when he's deep in thought about something! It's amazing! Will have pictures soon!

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