Mar 28, 2006

27 year old Grandma...'s been a long time since I posted hu? Well that's because I've been quite busy! Busy with working my business, babysitting, and family!

Biggest news first: We have a new addition to the family. It's another baby! Now... before you start freaking out thinking I'm pregnant again...(heeheehee) it's a puppy! Jerry & I are the proud new grandparents to a 5 week old Jack Russell Terrier named Skip! I say grandparents because we got the pup for the boys! Zachary named him Skip after the dog Skipper in the book "My Dog Skip" which thrilled me to no end.

Normally when Zach picks a name it's not real imaginative, which is rather odd because that boy has an awesome imagination! We've had a hamster named Hamster, and 2 fish named Boyfriend and Girlfriend, a jird named get the idea!

When we brought the puppy home Zach was waiting on us and he walked to the car and Jerry told him we had something for him and Hunter and gave him the puppy. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw him, which here lately I haven't seen much of from Zach. I was so happy! He has done so well with helping take care of Skip...even takes him out to potty and all. He never liked doing that with the big dogs. On Sunday evening after we brought Skip home Zach said to me: "I believe this is the best thing I've ever gotten!" Now there's nothing like hearing that you gave your son the best thing ever in his life. Happy Moomy one more time that day. :)

Here's some pics of the new grandbaby! LOL
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