Mar 31, 2006

I'm an Aunt...AGAIN! YAYYY

Yesterday morning at 3am I received "the" phone call from my brother Adam. I didn't even hear the phone and all the sudden I'm woke by Jerry in his sleep induced way saying "Baby...Adam is calling. Tia is in labor." Now, I know that doesn't sound too weird except for the fact that he was sleeping and hadn't answered the telephone. I pick up the phone and sure enough, it was my baby brother...Tia was in labor!

I told Adam to call the doctor because she had been having consistent contractions for about an hour at 5 minutes apart. I thought ok, I can get atleast another 1/2 hour of sleep, so I crawled back into bed and got comfy and then it hit me like a lead ballon! I can't go back to sleep. I still have to get a shower, pack the boys up to send to Granny's, call Granny to let her know they'll be coming, let hubby know that he has to take them to his mother's house on the way to work, let's see what else?? LOL Most importantly I HAD to have coffee.

So, I jump out of bed as if it was me in labor! Ok, coffee is started, now I have to pack up the baby's diaper bag and food bag. Ok, 2 bowls of rice cereal spilled on the counter later, due to lack of open eyes, that is done. Now, off to get Zach's clothes laid out for school. That I managed to pull off with no problem thank goodness. Next, find my clothes without waking hubby or baby. Wheww that's hard to do in a dark room with only about 10 square inches to move! LOL All clear there!

Call Adam to see if the doctor has called yet. Tia answers she's having a contraction (what the heck is she doing answering the phone??)...oh she just finished a contraction and Adam is brushing his teeth. No call from the doctor yet so I tell them to go ahead and come on over and call from my house since the cell phone may be acting up at their house, but that I am getting in the shower REALLY quick and to come on in, I won't be but 5 minutes or so.

As I head to the shower I hear the dogs yelping that they need to go out! to the front of the house and quickly take them out, the last thing I want is them waking up the guys this early. Ok all is good there so I feed them and go run to the shower. 5 minutes later I emerge from the bathroom (boy I'm getting good at these speed showers) and Adam & Tia are in the kitchen.

Ok, all looks good to me, I still have time to finish my list of things to do before I can leave. I tell Tia to call and have the doctor paged and run to let Jerry know what's going on. Oh wait, I haven't called his momma yet! I get the boys bags together and sit them by the front door and take the dogs out again. In the meantime the doctor calls back and tells Tia to go ahead and go to the hospital to find out if she's in actual labor. Ok, the time just got cut in half for me. LOL

Off to the bedroom to tell Jerry what's going on. Oh wait gotta call Granny! Oh how I hate to wake her up this early! She's great about it though and says sure bring 'em on over. Alright only 2 things left on my list: tell Jerry what's up and brush my teeth. Sure could use that cup of coffee now!

It's now 4am and all I have left is to brush my teeth. Adam says he's going to start the car and Tia goes out with him. I sprint to the bathroom to brush my teeth and Jerry says "What the heck are you doing? Those two are in the car ready to go and you are brushing your teeth!" LOL Sorry some things just can't wait any longer babe! ;) I spit, rinse, grab my coffe and purse and I'm out the door. Oh wait forgot the camera. Ok, thank goodness I remembered before I was in the car or worse yet on the way to the hospital...I'm infamous about that! Off to the hospital we go.

We arrive at the hospital at 5am and I won't go into detail about the labor or deliver except to say that they ended up doing a c-section rather quickly. Sean Patrick Wilkinson was born at 1:26pm weighing in at 6lbs 7oz and 18 3/4 inches long. He's a spit and image of his daddy but with a head full of dark hair like his momma. The 3rd most precious baby I've ever seen in my life. LOL

I'm happy to report, after a bit of a scare and poor Tia not getting to see her baby until almost 8 that evening, all three of them are happy and healthy and together in the same room.

I ended up getting home and in bed about 11:30. Just to get back up at 3 with the baby and then the doggies who are quite upset that we left them here alone all day! LOL

Oh I'm loving this aunt thing even more than I thought I would and the baby is only a day old! LOL If you could only see my face I don't think I've smiled this big since both my boys were born.;)

Happy Birthday Baby Sean! Congratulations Adam and Tia. You all did a wonderful job yesterday! I wish you the best and am here for you all anytime you need me! Love you all!

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