Mar 11, 2006

Me Time...Oh MY!

Wow...I've got me time tonight! Jerry's playing cards, Zach is staying at a friends house and Hunter is sleeping!

Now, the question of the hour is...what am I to do with this free time? I could read, watch television, sleep, take a bubble bath, paint my toenails, oh the list goes on and on. What would you do if you were me? Any suggestions are welcome, because I would love to hear what other moms do with their free time. Leave me a comment or drop me an email...I wanna hear from you!

Now, to answer the question you are all dying to ask. Well, Arika, just what ARE you going to do?

I'm going to work on my VA business that's what. To start off I'm gathering all the questions I have received over the past few weeks and organizing them in a Word document and post to my site and if I still have time I am going to write my next article.

Speaking of articles: Have you checked out my articles at LadyPens? If not click on the pretty pink button to the left that says: FREE REPRINT ARTICLES BY ME! You will also find more articles by other awesome women. This is a wonderful resource that any female writer should consider using...and best of's free and great publicity.

Ok, off to work. Yes, I really am excited about this evening!

Oh yeah, by the can use my articles there if you would like as long as you keep the article completely in tact, including the resource box at the end and also keep all links active. Just send me an email to let me know you have used it and where so I can take a peak. Thanks ahead of time!

Arika out! :) Yep it's American Idol time again, can you tell? heeheehee

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