Apr 7, 2006

New Baby, Sleep, Teeth, and Good Attitude

Hey everyone! I have been so busy that this week I decided to recap the week for everyone. Does that just sound weird to anyone else? "Recap" my week. Sounds like I'm oh so big and important. ;)

My brother and his SO brought my nephew home from the hospital on Sunday. They are all doing great. Sean is growing like crazy. They went to his first doctor's appointment yesterday and he has gained almost a pound and has grown an inch and a quarter already!

Speaking of babies: My little one is just growing too fast! LOL On the 1st he slept all night for the first time and has done very well every night since. The last two nights he has woke up once each night, but I think that is due to the fact that he is getting his first tooth! Yep, on Monday it broke the skin and is coming in well. He has this habit of pulling his lower lip in under his top lip and it's just the cutest thing! I'll try to get a picture up of it soon, but every time I try to get a picture of him doing it he stops. You should see the little tooth marks on the back of his spoon...Absolutely adorable. Yes, I know I'm weird hu?

The oldest apple of my eye is doing wonderful too. I'm so proud of Zachary. We have been having some issues at school with his behavior and on Tuesday I met with his two main teachers, his computer and resource teachers and the school counselor to discuss a plan of action to take to move Zach back in the right direction. He now has a behavior chart that each teacher rates him on a scale of 1-10 every day and then the scores are averaged for the daily score. Zachary then gets to pick which number he thinks he deserves as well at the end of the day. The goal is a 6 or better every day. Well yesterday, he got a 7! He has a new student in his class and his teacher made him Richard's helper yesterday and I think that made a big difference. Here's to many more good days for Zach! I'm not sure but I think that the new student lives two houses down from us. I'll find out for sure this afternoon when Zach gets home.

I've been babysitting the neighbor's two children for about a month now to try and get a little extra money that I can use for my business and for improvements to the house. I watch the little ones on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when their parents, who happen to be Jerry's cousin and her fiance, need me. They both work rotating shifts...He's a police officer and she works at a paper mill. So far I have only had to watch them 1 or 2 days a week, but this week I've had them all three days. Boy sometimes I think I'm a little crazy because I have my two, their two (a 3 year old and a 6 month old), and now 2 puppies as well! LOL Actually it's not bad at all and I know that I'm helping them out and getting closer to my business goals as well. It gives Zach someone to play with and here in a few months Hunter will have someone to help keep him occupied as well. Good for everyone involved so that's what matters!

Oh Yes, you heard me right we now have 2 puppies. We have ours and I'm "pet sitting" for my brother because right now because he can't have the puppy where he lives. Adam's puppy is the sister to our Jack Russell. Don't know how much longer I will have her with us, but boy has it really taught me and tried my patience. :) Ever had two babies crying, two puppies whining, a 3 year old talking about Power Rangers, an 8 year old screaming for help with homework and hubby wanting dinner all at once?? I don't recommend it, but I wouldn't trade it for the world either!!

Ok, I'm off to post to my business blog and hopefully get a quick shower before Hunter wakes up and my day will officially begin! LOL It's actually really nice being able to get up before everyone else and get something done!

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