Apr 10, 2006

Nice Quiet Weekend

Real quick post this morning about our weekend.

I love weekends like this past weekend. We did nothing special but we spent so much time together and had a wonderful time. Jerry normally works every weekend and all weekend long, but not this weekend. He had to work but was home by 9am both days. So we had the whole afternoon and evening together on Saturday and Sunday. We didn't do anything big around the house, though we have lots that needs to be done, we just took it easy. I feel extremely refreshed today and I know it's because we had such a calm and laid back weekend.

We went shopping Saturday morning and Hunter got his picture taken with the Easter Bunny! He was tired and a bit weirded out I think because there were like 6 women standing around oohing and aahhhing him, hence the look on his face.;)
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Saturday evening Adam & Tia came over for a little while and Adam made dinner for everyone. Spaghetti of course. It was good and we had a nice time visiting with the new mommy & daddy. They were so tired and it showed but it won't stay like that forever and I told them before they know it they will have their energy back and will be looking back saying where did those months go? ;) Got some pics of us with the baby back. Isn't he just adorable??

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Sunday we just played around the house.

I fiddled with a bit of laundry and cleaning (nothing too major though), jumped online and looked over some resources and Mom Mastermind's Success Stories, watched some racing, and played with the boys.

Zach was busy being a little boy yesterday. He and Jerry boxed some, he hit a few golf balls around the yard, and they went through his toys and put some back to give to charity that he no longer wanted.

Hunter played with all of us and loved jumping in his Jumperoo. He even watched a bit of football with Dad and worked with Mom online too.

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