May 9, 2006

David Blaine Failed?? I think Not!

Call me crazy, but I absolutely love to watch David Blaine's stunts and magic. I remember as a kid watching David Copperfield on television and I guess that's where the original interest in magic and illusions started.

Last night on ABC I watched his Drowned Alive special and I was amazed. His hope with this special was to hold his breath under water for 9 minutes to beat the current record of 8 minutes and 58 seconds. He didn't manage to break that record (he made it just over 7 minutes), but I wouldn't call him a failure by any means. Every thing on the news and in the media, even David himself, today is calling it a failure and I disagree completely. He may not have accomplished what he set out to do (as far as the public is concerned), but he did accomplish other things. The least of which, he spent 7 days underwater in a huge aquarium like bubble, which broke a record.

David Blaine has been called a magician, a stunt man, an illusionist, just to name a few. Many people think it's a waste of time and energy and wonder why a mother of 2 would waste her time watching something like this. It's more than just his stunts that I enjoy. I know that he is an entertainer, but I truly believe that his main purpose is a good one. I honestly believe that he is making a difference in the world, despite all the non-believers and nay sayers! He brings people of all types together and that to me is a magnificent accomplishment. He shows people that they set their own limits. Yes, he pushes himself and his body and some just don't get this. Is it not said that you should live life to the fullest? David Blaine is doing just that!

Last night really hit me when he was rescued from the water and came up and still wanted to speak to the crowd. Through tears he told the fans that he was humbled and thanked them for their support and helping him make it through the last week. David Blaine is one of a kind in my eyes.

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