May 29, 2006

He wants it ALL

Well, ladies and gents it looks like I have a 8 month old multi-tasker. Teething, crawling, pulling up, AND sleeping through the night!

Everything above has happened in the last two weeks with Hunter. I've always heard that babies concentrate on one major thing at a time until they get it down pat, then they move on to something else. Not Hunter I guess. I was actually starting to worry because he wasn't crawling yet and didn't seem to show any signs that he was even trying or wanted to. That's because he was sitting back and taking it all in and BAM he did it all.

We have one top tooth broke through and the other really close. This makes a total of 3 teeth we can see now.

He's too cute when he crawls. He doesn't like to use his knees, instead he uses his feet! ;) I'm thinking it's either because he doesn't like the hardwood floor (even though he does it on the floors with carpet or rugs too) or he just doesn't like the feeling /pressure on his knees. I don't think it will be long and he will be trying to walk along things like the couch, coffee table, etc.

He pulls himself up to anything he can: the coffee table, our legs, even Jerry's head when he's on the floor playing with him! LOL

On Friday he slept 12 hours without waking and then on Saturday night he slept 10 hours. Jerry & I both kept checking on him just to make sure he was ok!;)

Jerry just keeps saying, "He's growing up too fast!" I on the other hand love it. Yes, it's all happening quick, but I love it once they get to walking on their own. I love watching them explore and the motors moving in their head as they are finding new things and how things work is just miraculous to me. Most people love it when their children are still little and not moving around, but not me. My favorite time is between about 1 and 5. My baby is growing up and I LOVE IT! Go Hunter Go!

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