May 27, 2006

The Man in Brown: My Hero!

Friday afternoon I went up the road to the country store to get everyone lunch and when I came home the Man in Brown had arrived. It's a good thing Jerry was here to intercept the package because I would have knocked the poor man over running out to hug him.

My new computer and monitor was sitting inside the door just calling my name when I got home. I scarfed down my lunch and got to work hooking things up. So far I have it hooked up and most of the software I need on it installed, my email set up, etc. Now I just have to figure out the easiest (quickest) way to transfer documents from the old one to this one. I don't have a CD burner on the old one to burn my documents onto, so I'm thinking I may have to email everything to myself little by little. Oh the time it's gonna take! LOL

I absolutely love the new PC!! I have a few upgrades that I want to make to it, the main one being I want to up the memory to atleast 1G, but everything else is perfect! Thank you Mom!

Ok, I'm off to play with it now! hehehe

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