May 26, 2006

3 packages

I'm anxiously awaiting 3 packages. I can't honestly say that I'm patient about it either! LOL

I ordered my new computer and monitor earlier in the week and thought I would have them by now. Uh NOPE! According to the store I should have had them on the 24th & 25th, but here it is the 26th and still no toys! I was soooo hoping to have it up and running this weekend, but unless I get it today or tomorrow, Ain't Happenin'! Awww well I'll spend the time doing some much needed housework instead!

Yesterday afternoon I logged into MommyFest and found that I had won Wednesday's drawing! YAYYY! I get a whole box of stuff from exhibitors and sponsers. Though I don't know what exactly it will contain, I have no doubt it will be full of great stuff!! However, that just means I have added another delivery to my anxiously awaiting list! Thanks Marie and I must say that MommyFest was awesome this year and I can't wait until next year...who knows I might have something to contribute by then.


Nell said...

So what'd you get? ;)

Arika said...

All kinds of goodies. I got some jam, scrapbooking stuff, lotion, this really cool wooden engraved magnet! It was awesome stuff.

Thx for asking!