May 25, 2006

That's All She Wrote

American Idol closed it's 5th season last night to the tune of 43+ million viewers and 64.3 million votes cast! The Soul Patrol prevailed over the Kat Pack. YAYYYY! The south rose again this season. All 5 seasons have seen someone from the south win.

American has a new idol and his name is Taylor Hicks from Birmingham, Alabama. Although Elliott Yamin was my pick from the beginning and I also backed Chris Daughtry, I'm glad that Taylor won the competition. He seems like such a genuine, laid back, hard working guy.

The finale was packed with lots of familiar faces in the music industry and, in my opinion, was the best finale yet. I have to say that Clay Aiken showing up was the best surprise and absolutely hilarious too!! I love his new look...bye bye nerdy look! Chris did awesome and outsung the lead singer of the band Live, Elliott did awesome with Mary J. Blige, although I have a complaint about that performance. Mary J. took over and never let Elliott have a chance. She stole the stage from him and not in a good way either. Dagon it he was too good to be overshadowed by her. The one thing I think they could have done without was Prince at the end. I'm patiently waiting for next season.

Can't wait until I get to go see them all live on July 29 in Richmond! Got my tickets and my sister in law and I are going to have a blast!

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