May 22, 2006

New PC is on it's way!

Thanks Momma! I finally ordered my new computer today. It's nothing fancy, but it's better than the one I have and should be good for atleast 2-3 years! LOL I was on a limited budget so I couldn't go all out, but then again I wouldn't know what was a good deal or not even if I had thousands of dollars to spend. I should be receiving it Wednesday or Thursday and my monitor (which is ordered separate) should arrive a day or two later.

I also upgraded my Microsoft Office Software today. Jerry just up and bought it on a window shopping trip this morning! He's the greatest I tell ya. Even though he has no clue what it is I do online or why I need the software he trusts that I will make good use of the $150 expenditure. Now, I just can't seem to contain the urge to install it and play around, but I must wait! LOL Hopefully it will pour rain all weekend and I can sit down and play with my new pc! Keep your fingers crossed. Ya know, actually I hope it doesn't pour because then I'll have everyone in the house and nothing will get accomplished! (wink wink)

Now all I need to get my new domain names up and going is my XSitePro software. That will come later to the tune of $197. Gotta get my teeth taken care of first!

Anyhow, I'm off to brainstorm about a new business idea I have so I'll catch ya later tators!!!

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