May 16, 2006

Oh just give me new ones!

I'm off to the dentist later this morning and anyone who knows me knows that normally I don't mind going to the dentist, even to have a tooth extracted. Today however, I'm a bit nervous. I am awful about going to the dentist and usually when I go it's because I HAVE to due to the fact that I've waited too long and I have no choice.

I have a tooth/gum that has been bothering me for years but I am going to the dentist before it gets to the point I am pacing the floors and crying uncontrollably! I'll be honest, with the luck I've had in the past and my genes (thanks Mom! LOL) I know that I'm going to eventually end up with dentures so my thought is why not just take them all now and get it over with and save me thousands of dollars!! I know I know it's not good to do that and if you can keep your own teeth it's so much better, but I'm tired of slowly but surely losing the ones I do have!!

I'll update on what happens later this evening...if I'm not out in never neverland that is! :)


Nell said...

lol! I feel the same way. Just rip em all out now and give me teeth that will never decay! ;)

Arika said...

I hear ya! However the news wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I actually got some good news that I'll post about later!