Jun 4, 2006

Wow...it's a miracle I tell ya!

The office is straightened up and organized minus some filing left to do. I need to redo the filing cabinet so that is probably a whole afternoon project in it's own. The livingroom has been cleaned. Five loads of laundry have been washed and folded and put away (and no not just in the clothes baskets)! I've managed to get everything done but the kitchen and bathroom so far today.

Zach has his cousin Collin over for the weekend so they have been keeping each other occupied and making a tornado out of Zach's bedroom in the process! LOL Those 2 are wonderful with keeping Hunter busy when I've needed to do something and he's tugging at my pant leg!

I hope to get the kitchen and bathroom done this evening, but today has went so well I just know something will keep me from it! LOL


Aurelia said...

WOW, you are a lean, mean, organizing machine! KUDOS to you. I bet you feel great about all of the hard work!

Arika said...

I don't know about lean! LOL I do feel better but it's a never ending cylce! Ain't it grand?