Jun 6, 2006

Natural Moms & Cloth Diapers @ the Diaper Jungle

I have many online friends who are natural Moms. What's a natural mom you ask? Unfortunately, I don't have time this morning to list all the things that make a mom a natural mom, but one of them is using cloth diapers.

Now, before you sigh to yourself and say oh those things, such a pain; cloth diapers aren't what they used to be. No more of that plain jane white cloth with the plastic pants to cover for one! The have many colors to choose from now-a-days. Cloth diapers are a money saving and environment friendly way to take care of babies business!

One of my fellow Mom Mastermind members, Tiffany, has an awesome website,
The Diaper Jungle, that is all about cloth diapers! This month she is having a Summer Celebration Forum Contest. She's giving away some awesome prizes and you can talk with other Moms at the forum about cloth diapering, being a parent, and many other topics.

So, if you want to learn more about cloth diapers, or if you want to chat with other Mom's who use them, head on over and join in the conversation by
clicking here.

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